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If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind travel destination with white sandy beaches, unusual wildlife, and a variety of landscapes, then look no further than Australia.

From tropical islands to snow-capped mountains, Australia is one of the most interesting continents on earth. There is so much to see and do in a continent the size of the continental United States. Besides the popular cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Cairns, there are so many iconic sights to visit. Uluru in the red center is a spiritual site to behold, the 1,490 mile Great Barrier Reef with its’ 600 continental islands is a divers delight, Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world and these are just a few of these sites.

From shore to shore, you can see the many unique animals that draw visitors to this large continent. Kangaroos, some as large as 6 feet tall, Koalas that are seen chomping leaves in the eucalyptus trees, Dingos, Australia’s largest predator, Tassie Devils one of the most beloved marsupials found only in Tasmania and Quokka found on the island of Rottnest are just a few.

So, if these things are on your bucket list, then join a mate for a glass of wine or a cold VI Bitter beer at one of the local pubs.

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When booking any of my clients to Melbourne, Australia, I always suggest Echidna Walkabout as an unusual way to travel with wild kangaroos and do some Koala spotting.  When any of my clients who have booked this tour return, I always call to see how things turned out.  In every case I seem to get…

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