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Fiji is renowned for its stunning beaches, beautiful warm climate, and its unique relaxed island atmosphere. There are actually 333 islands that make up Fiji, in the heart of the South Pacific, most uninhibited.  You'll know you have arrived in this welcoming island when you are greeted by the unforgettable word Bula. Fijians are very warm and friendly people and their continual smile and melodious greeting is an expression of their love of life.


Tahiti, also called the “Queen of the Pacific” consists of turquoise blue lagoons, coral reefs surrounding coastal waters and lush green mountains. While many people think of Tahiti as a honeymoon destination, there are many activities for people seeking adventure.


The Cook Islands, a little paradise closer than you think, is made up of 15 islands located in the heart of Polynesia. The Cooks remind visitors of what Hawaii was 50 years ago, a place where you can easily experience the Polynesian culture in their everyday lives.  Little known to American travelers, this island paradise is out of the eye of mass tourism.

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