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Three Fun Australia Excursions

When booking any of my clients to Melbourne, Australia, I always suggest Echidna Walkabout as an unusual way to travel with wild kangaroos and do some Koala spotting.  When any of my clients who have booked this tour return, I always call to see how things turned out.  In every case I seem to get the same response…..”We loved this tour and when the day was over and we were saying good bye, we felt just like family”.

Janine and Roger, owners of Echidna Walkabout Tours, have a great love for nature and the animals they encounter, and this is manifested in the guided tours they provide their customers.  Not only do they love the Koalas, but they also study their habitat and are able to identify them by facial features.  Now, I always thought a Koala was a Koala, but that’s not the case.  How much fun is it on the tour to have one of the guides introduce you to Babe, the 2 year old Koala baby of Sunshine?

Koala Spotting


In addition to Echidna Walkabout, when my clients visit Australia, I also encourage them to go to Kangaroo Island just off the coast of South Australia to take a walk on the Remarkable Rocks.  What fantastic formations they will encounter.

And, if visiting Tasmania, Australia, there’s nothing better than viewing the little penguins just outside Becheno on the east coast.  For a small fee, visitors can make an appointment to view the little creatures as they return to their burrows at the end of a long day of fishing.  The number of guests are limited to approximately 12 each evening, so it is possible to walk along with the penguins as they return home. Because you are accompanied by a nature guide you will be provided with information on the “care and feeding” of the little penguins.

Due to the fact that most of these tours are limited to a small number of guests, as a travel professional, I always suggest that my clients pre-reserve the excursions before leaving for Australia.  That way, they are not disappointed when they arrive and find out the tour is full.